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At HillBilly we cook everything fresh. Our potato salad is like a German potato salad with a Cajun kick; our slaw is a red wine vinegar hand-shredded so we know it's fresh. Since most barbecue sauces are made with vinegar this is great on a plate or sandwich. We have a corn salad that is a northern recipe - sweet corn, romas, green onions, and seasonings with a little dash of mayo served cold; baked taters, baked potato served with butter or anyway you like - you can even add pork, beef, chicken, or chili and cheese. Our bar bq beans are premium beans with a sweet taste and big bar bq flavor. Our beef brisket, pork shoulder, and chicken are smoked at perfect time and temperature.

We serve dry rub pork spare ribs, smoked boudin, and alligator sausage. All our meats are smoked with nothing but hickory wood straight out of the hills of Kentucky - my home town Paducah. We at Hillbilly's invite you out to taste barbecue Kentucky style; we believe you'll enjoy it.